Lets talk about “Attack on Titan”

This has so much potential to turn into something great or something predictably shounen. When the main character gets eaten, I was hoping they wouldn’t pull some dues ex machina crap to save his ass. But they do, as well as give him a unique and special power only he can use. I was really hoping Mikasa would become the main character after Eren’s death, as she’s much more interesting. But Eren-titan’s reveal was still exciting, and watching him fight other titans was quite fun, and it wasn’t something I saw coming (I really thought he was dead until Eren-titan showed up). I just hope there’s some side effect to becoming a titan (corruption, memory loss, death). It’s too fucking cliche to give the main character an inconsequential superpower, so I hope it becomes a point in part two.

I don’t read the manga, but I really hope some thought was put into how this story is supposed to progress and end. The concept is brilliant but the execution so far is flawed, I must say. If this becomes a titan vs. titan brawl I’ll be disappointed. A smart explanation of what the titans are is definitely needed; regular, armored, and colossal. A reason for Eren’s father knowing something crucial about the titans but not saying anything to anyone also needs an explanation (no, just keep it locked up in your basement like a pervert). AoT needs a good backstory to stay believable. I also hope there’s a point to the young genius captain of the scouts being an edgy, emo, and introverted stereotype, while his partner is a free-spirited and eccentric personable character (it’s to fill those character troupes, I know).

I do think the animation is stylish and fluid, and above average for a television series (when it’s not just stills, which are only ever used during straight dialogues). All instances of action are very impressive considering the concept: men and women with mechanical grapples and jetpacks who fight with swords against giant humanoids. How the fuck you animate something like that and remain within the realm of possibility is beyond me. It’s a true pleasure to watch these scenes.

Just looking at the reception the manga has received, I can tell this series has more than a cliche story to offer in its future, and I’m looking forward to the second half with a grain of salt.

Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, which is set in a world where the remnants of the human population live inside cities surrounded by enormous walls due to the sudden appearance of the Titans, gigantic humanoid creatures who devour humans seemingly without reason.

Great Anime, who else watches and what do you guys think of it??

It was already in my line of sight…and when it passes my criteria, you know it’s good  but i’ll have to finish the 2 series i’m currently wasting my time on to even think of starting another. It’s like eating, really. You want the desert but you’ll have to finish the appetizer beforehand.

The show might be so hyped because of the talk of the live action film in 2014. I haven’t really seen so much hype about it. It’s an ok show. It’s worth a watch, but I wouldn’t go crazy trying to see it.

Well it started decently but then it turned into the typical shounen hidden power garbage, if i knew it would turn out like this i wouldnt have picked it up in the first place. 

The show hinted at the way it would go pretty early on. Without spoiling it, the story was pretty obvious pretty early. Just because it follows a certain formula doesn’t make it garbage though. 99.9% of shows on TV follow a certain formula. there’s rarely anything actually new on.  That being said, it’s not a bad show, but it’s not a 10/10 by any stretch of the imagination.

I been waiting for it to end as i hate waiting for an episode a week, id rather watch all at once when its done, im weird that way. (like netflix tv series style, smart guys!) anyways i liked Claymore that was a good one i thought.

It’s just a mediocre anime with pacing problems, and extremely overrated. It’s not horrible, but it’s disappointing that it will probably be labled AOTS when there are much, much better things currently airing like Yamato 2199. I can just tell it will be the next Sword Art Online.


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